Cooling Castle Barn Wedding Videography

The Perfect Wedding Venue

Following the bends of the country roads, nestled at the back of a quaint little village type area, you see the entrance to one of the most popular wedding venues in Kent. Immediately to your left are the impressive, well known Castle Turrets! These Turrets are a famous point of call as a background for beautiful photos of the newly-weds; and in our case, of course, we love to use them in your special wedding video. Shot at the right time of day with the sun just peeking out, it makes for a gorgeous opening scene to your wedding film. Your special day starting off in a special way.

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As a team, we just love this place! A simply superb wedding venue indeed. And guess what? That is all they do here; just weddings! Now you may be thinking ‘is that it?’, but let me tell you exactly why, that is a GOOD thing.

When you have a venue dedicated to one specific thing – giving you the best wedding experience possible – you will have a team of professionals who are truly great at what they do. This is evident when you are experiencing your wedding without any hitches. Everything you need, they will have sorted. “What about the things we forgot?” – Yeh chances are, they have those covered too. Everything just runs smoothly here. Let’s just say, the knife is always ready and waiting with the cake!

As new to the scene wedding videographers in Kent, this was our first venue we shot at. I could not have thought of a more accommodating place to allow us to capture Natalie and Darren’s wedding video with such ease, beauty and grace. If you haven’t already seen it, head on over to our portfolio and have a little watch. You will find it at the bottom as our first wedding video, EXCITING!

Your Wedding Day at Cooling Castle Barn

Cooling Castle Barn accommodates for both inside and outside ceremonies. So whatever your preference, come rain or shine, the choice is there!

Inside you have the Fathom Barn – a certain atmosphere fills the air as the guests begin to take their seats. The layout of this barn is great for us videographers as we can capture the whole ceremony from multiple angles. We get a lovely shot of the beautiful bride as she graciously descends the stairs from the balcony. We will also be at the front to capture the shaking hands and tear filled eyes of your partner as you make that life changing walk.

Outside you have the Wedding Pavilion. If a sunny day is on the cards and you get lucky enough to have an outside wedding, this garden ceremony will be the icing on your cake. The walk for the bride is even longer, giving all the guests and the ever so patient other half, more time to take in all that beauty. It is a great opportunity for us videographers to switch up our angles during the bridesmaids walk outs, to add more depth to your film. Following the bride out on her walk up the aisle just looks stunning on video, especially when the sun is high in the sky. Filming from inside the Pavilion is often more of a challenge due to the lighting difference BUT with One in Six Billion filming your wedding, you can rest assured that we will have that exposure nailed for those up close, detailed shots.

The garden is also a great place for the guests to gather and share a drink in celebration of the couple. It is often used as the go-to place for group photos too! Too much sun or too windy outside? Well they also have The Heritage Barn; a nice little barn bar area with adequate seating and a great place to mingle and share a drink or two.

Now when it comes to the wedding breakfast and the evening party, the Tithe Barn is where the magic happens. We often see this large barn decorated in a variety of ways. All of which are stunning in their own rights. Space is never an issue here and the lighting in the room is very intimate. Cooling Castle do a great job at catering to both small and large weddings alike and can set this room up accordingly. There is a bar area down one end, with a balcony above (for the dj) and situated at the far end is where your head table will be. We use this balcony for one of our cameras to get a nice overview shot of the room. Typically during speeches, we will have plenty of room to move around and get a multitude of shots along with enough spots to set up stationary cameras . Oh and did I mention, when the you get announced in to your wedding breakfast, this is a great opportunity for us to follow and capture your walk in, as all your guests are standing to attention, clapping and cheering!

It doesn’t take the staff too long to turn this room around, ready for your evening guests to arrive and your party to begin! What happens next? The first dance of course! And there is just something special about having your first dance recorded and the ability to re-watch this magical moment over and over. The large barn gives us more than enough room to get some lovely looping shots of the two of you sharing this moment.

Overall, we at One in Six Billion, very much like this venue to shoot our wedding videos. It runs well, it is very problem free and we have yet to see an unhappy couple that have chosen this as their wedding venue.

So If you are looking for a beautiful, well run wedding venue in Kent, this place should be on your list! Just don’t forget to have it captured for those lasting memories, by One in Six Billion – we are your local wedding videographers based in Kent.