Pre-Wedding Questionnaire

It is of utmost importance that we are aware of timings and locations for all the below, as we need to ensure we have time to set up cameras and check lighting etc. Please therefore fill out this form to the best of your knowledge and notify us of any future changes.

    Name of Bride / Groom

    Name of Bride / Groom

    Please provide us with a photo of the two of you together. This will help us identify you on the day.

    Who should we liaise with if/when you're busy?

    Where are you getting ready?

    i.e. Venue, Church

    Please note: Wind noise can effect sound recording when filming outside.

    Please remember we have lots of equipment - being able to park as close as possible to each venue is vital. Valuable filming time can be wasted whilst trying to hunt down a parking spot. Please arrange ANY necessary permits and make us aware of any potential problems.

    We don’t demand you provide us with a meal, but it is always appreciated.

    Please note; traditional rectangular top tables work best for your video. Round top tables are more difficult to film as inevitably we will be shooting people’s backs as opposed to those spontaneous facial reactions.

    Shooting speeches is most effective when before/after meal, as between courses there is potential for background noise from other guests eating.

    i.e. Father of the Bride, Groom, Bestman etc.

    If your wedding runs over the allotted coverage time as specified in your contract, additional time can be added at our discretion, chargeable at -

    • £75.00 per half hour.

    We understand that your day is special and like no other - however our jobs don’t end when we leave your wedding. Travel, battery charging, and offloading cards play a vital role in our day, therefore, we ask that the timings stay as planned in the agreed hours.

    If we foresee your wedding looks to be running behind schedule we will discuss with you on the day whether you would like us to leave at the agreed time or go into unplanned overtime.

    We are aware there may be sections of the wedding or surprises that you want to keep secret from guests / each other. Unless we are made aware of all planned occurrences it may not be possible to effectively film. We promise to keep any secrets to ourselves! 🙂